Celebrating the 70th birthday of Debbie Harry, and the 60th birthday of Mick Jones this week, let’s enjoy some covers of Blondie and The Clash. (84 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Atomic Ride 5:10 Motorcycle Ride [7''] Blondie 5
Dreaming (Bonus Track) Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs 2:51 Under The Covers: Vol. 2 Blondie
Rapture Michelle Crispin 4:15 Platinum Girl - A Tribute To Blondie Blondie 6
The Tide Is High Gear Daddies 3:57 Color Of Her Eyes Promo Paragons/Blondie 2
Call Me The Dandy Warhols 3:31 Come on Feel the Dandy Warhols Blondie 24
One Way Or Another Until The Ribbon Breaks 4:14 One Way Or Another Blondie 4
Heart of Glass Brady Harris Band 3:33 NoHo Confidential Blondie 17
Hangin’ On The Telephone The Jolly Boys 3:06 Great Expectation Blondie 3
Maria Colbie Caillat 4:17 Levi's Pioneer Sessions: 2010 Revival Recordings Blondie 4
Straight to Hell Phil Cody 5:53 The Sons of Intemperance Offering Clash 9
Police On My Back The Rocketz 2:55 Rise of the Undead Equals/Clash 8
Rock The Casbah Tica 4:03 No Coast Clash 6
White Riot Cracker 2:49 Burning London: The Clash Tribute Clash 6
E=MC2 Fiago 4:20 Death To The 80s Big Audio Dynamite 3
Train In Vain Kealer 3:04 UNCUT - White Riot Vol One - A Tribute To The Clash Clash 9
The Guns Of Brixton Calexico 3:50 [7"] Calexico/Beirut Split Clash 16
Should I Stay Or Should I Go Makrosoft 3:35 Stereo also playable mono Clash 11
Hitsville U.K. Katrina Leskanich 3:47 The Sandinista Project Clash 3