Technically, it’s the third episode called Led Zeppelin Cover Story, but I’ve done album covers for Led Zeppelin II and IV, so… In honor of Robert Plant’s 70th, here’s another great set of Led Zeppelin covers! (99 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Ramble On I Am Kawehi 5:02 YouTube Led Zeppelin 5
Whole Lotta Love Hozier 3:03 Dermot O'Leary Presents The Saturday Sessions 2015 Led Zeppelin 25
Your Time Is Gonna Come Iron Horse 3:51 Whole Lotta Bluegrass: A Vocal Bluegrass Tribute To Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 4
Heartbreaker The Quireboys 4:46 Whole Lotta Love: Jimmy Page and Friends Led Zeppelin 7
Black Dog Dread Zeppelin 5:20 Un-Led-Ed Led Zeppelin/Elvis Presley
Going To California (feat. Reuben Bidez) The Howling Tongues 4:19 A Collection Of Cover Songs Led Zeppelin
The Battle of Evermore Shel 5:09 Shel Led Zeppelin 3
Misty Mountain Hop & The Elephant Walk (Instrumental Reprise) Hot Joe 5:31 The Song Retains The Name Volume II Led Zeppelin
Stairway To Heaven Leningrad Cowboys 9:03 Happy Together Led Zeppelin 43
Over the Hills & Far Away Gretchen Wilson 4:57 Under the Covers Led Zeppelin
The Ocean Kurt Hoffman's Band of Weeds 4:11 I Water Your Dreams: The Complete Studio Tracks (1991-93) Led Zeppelin 6
Hot Dog Clumsy Lovers 2:56 Under The Covers Led Zeppelin 2
For What It’s Worth Robert Plant 3:30 Sixty Six To Timbuktu Buffalo Springfield 16
Kashmir Maniacal 4 8:20 Carry On Led Zeppelin 25
Trampled Underfoot The Resistance Organ Trio 5:21 The Resistance Organ Trio Does Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 2
Gallows Pole Pine Valley Cosmonauts 5:00 Executioner's Last Songs: Volume 2 & 3 Traditional/Led Zeppelin
Thank You Tesla 4:46 Real to Reel Led Zeppelin 11