This week, it’s a celebration of the music of country legend Willie Nelson. The third time I’ve done this, in fact, which might be a surprise to some of you, who know I don’t typically like those two types of music: Country and Western. Well, it’s mostly “new” country music that I have a problem with it. Fewer unique voices, and even fewer unique arrangements. Look at Willie Nelson for example. A completely unmistakable voice. As soon as you hear the opening verses of a Willie Nelson song, you know who it is immediately.

And I think that’s what makes him such a great performer, especially when it comes to cover songs. His stamp is all over every song he covers, and there’s never a compromise. He sings it HIS way, and that’s what you’re going to get. The same goes when you’re covering a Willie Nelson song. You’ve got to paint it in your own colors, of course, but there’s an undeniable Willie-Nelson-ness to the song you’re covering. It’s why when people hear Willie’s version of “Crazy,” it’s like a final puzzle piece falls into place. Sure, Patsy Cline made it her own, but it fits so perfectly with Willie’s voice, you have no doubt it was the voice that the song was written in.

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(84 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Always On My Mind Commuter 3:38 Brightly Shining, Dimly Lit Brenda Lee/Elvis Presley/Willie Nelson 10
Don’t Give Up Willie Nelson 6:59 Across The Borderline Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush 4
Crazy Shel 3:16 Undercover - EP Patsy Cline 7
It Was A Very Good Year Ray Charles & Willie Nelson 4:59 Genius Loves Company Kingston Trio
Smells Like Teen Spirit Willie Nelson 1:22 Triple M Musical Challenge III Nirvana 46
Just Breathe Willie Nelson feat. Lukas Nelson 4:02 Heroes Pearl Jam
On The Road Again Ghoti Hook 2:04 Songs We Didn't Write Willie Nelson 2
Border Song Willie Nelson 3:23 Restoration: The Songs Of Elton John And Bernie Taupin Elton John 3
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground Murder By Death 4:02 As You Wish: Kickstarter Covers Vol. 2 Willie Nelson 3
Rainbow Connection Willie Nelson 4:30 Rainbow Connection Paul Williams/Muppets 2
Can I Sleep In Your Arms Phosphorescent 3:41 To Willie Willie Nelson
Me and Paul Robert Rex Waller Jr. 3:11 Fancy Free Willie Nelson
The Scientist Willie Nelson 5:02 The Scientist - Single Coldplay 9
Blue Skies Willie Nelson 3:33 Stardust Irving Berlin 2
Imagine (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:32 Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur John Lennon 5
Funny How Time Slips Away Jim James 4:24 Tribute To 2 Willie Nelson
Bird On A Wire Willie Nelson 4:21 Tower Of Song: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen 11
Dry Lightning Willie Nelson feat. Emmylou Harris 4:21 To All The Girls... Bruce Springsteen 2