When I get a request or suggestion for a song I don’t have, one of the first places I go is eMusic. If you get a few tracks a month, it’s cheaper than iTunes, and their library always surprises me with recognized independent performers and labels.

I continue to offer a free 25-song download for eMusic (as part of my affiliation), but what I often forget to do is present links to great cover albums that you might be interested in as excellent uses for your 25 songs. Yes, I do get a little cash for you using their service, but I would recommend the albums below even if I got nothing for it.

First off, here’s a link to get your 25-free downloads. If you decide you don’t like the service, you can cancel after you’ve gotten your free tracks.

Once you’ve gotten your credits, here are some albums I’d recommend:

Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver: An indie-pop tribute to John Denver, with Red House Painters, Low and others. (Thanks to Marc for letting me know about this album)

Trash Pour 4- Recycle Vol. 1: Along the lines of Nouvelle Vague, these are modern pop covers done in a European bossa-nova style, with a beautifully-accented lead vocalist.

Robyn Hitchcock – Robyn Sings: Robyn Hitchcock of the Egyptians and Soft Boys does an excellent two-disc album of Bob Dylan covers.

The Polyphonic Spree – The Fragile Army: No covers on here, but you know I’m a big fan of these guys, and their new album moves in a direction that will make them more easily appreciated by new listeners.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Wolfgang’s Big Night Out: Swing-style versions of classical music pieces by Bach, Beethoven, and others. Cool, man, cool.

Let me know if you have other recommendations!