Along with the new website design you’re enjoying, came a switch from the MovableType blogging platform to WordPress. And in doing so, I managed to leave my “About” page empty, as my long-time friend Don pointed out.

But Don isn’t one to point out a problem without offering a solution. And to that end, Don has offered his own rendition of what should appear on my “About” page:

“Parts of Brian Ibbott’s life are somewhat difficult to determine, due to his propensity to fabricate and embellish facts. He was born Briani in Westminster, CO. He told The Denver Post that he had come from a well-to-do family in Golden, CO but few believe it. He took a job as a postal worker early on, but soon was accepted into the University of Phoenix of Distance Learning. His friends considered the university a “four-year vacation”, and he was inclined to follow them around to bars, cafés, and the occasional adult bookstore. After his release from the imMEDIAte Correctional Institution in 2001 he decided to start The rest is history.”

Thank goodness Don doesn’t know how to edit my Wikipedia entry.

I have a lot of embarrassing photos of Don, but I’ll save them for another time. Here’s one of me and Don in 2001 at the imMEDIAte Correctional Institution.


Bonus points if you see Tina.