One of the amazing things that Coverville has done for me is introduce me to some amazing people. All of you listening to the show who have written and called in, fellow podcasters who I now regard as friends, and the talented musicians that have allowed me to share their music and their stories.

One of these musicians is a producer, songwriter and historian named Artie Wayne. Through Artie, I’ve gotten to speak to Shel Talmy, producer of the Kinks and the Who, and Alan O’Day, who had a number one hit with “Undercover Angel”. Alan also wrote the song “Rock and Roll Heaven”, which was a hit for the Righteous Brothers and Climax, and a touching memorial to the talented legends that have left us. And since the song was recorded, more of those legends have shuffled off to that great gig in the sky.

Alan O’Day has been keeping the flame burning, and added new lyrics to the song to commemorate another group of legends, and with some excellent vocal work by Ronnie Kimball, and a terrific video by Sebastian Prooth, the song continues to evolve.

Check out “Rock and Roll Heaven”, courtesy of Artie Wayne.

*Special thanks also to Joe Klein, who introduced me to Mr. Wayne.

**The links in the first paragraph above are only a small portion of the people who I wanted to link to. I just didn’t want to get all wordy on you.