Among all the excellent merchandise that I’ll be selling/giving away at the Coverville 500 concert, is a set of six poker chips, each showing a different performer at the concert. The back of each chip shows the Coverville Las Vegas logo, and commemorates the event with the date and venue.

(click the image to see it full-sized)

Because of the cost of producing these chips, I’m limited to 75 sets available to sell, with 15 of them already pre-ordered. Each set comes in a protective plastic tube (which will hold 25 chips total, so you can collect other chips from the casinos you visit), and sells for $10.00 without a ticket purchase, but discounted if you buy it with a ticket and/or t-shirt.

Like most of the Coverville 500 visuals, these chips were designed by Shelby Miller of Shifted Sound. Such an amazing talent!