Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
Hundred Reasons 4:16 How Soon Is Now?: The Songs Of The Smiths By... Smiths 2004
t.A.T.u. 3:14 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane Smiths 2002
Brand New Idol 4:38 Bangs! Songs From The 80's Smiths 2001
Snake River Conspiracy 3:57 Sonic Jihad Smiths 2000
The Gobos 2:31 It's Naked Time Smiths 2000
The Meatmen 2:48 The World Still Won't Listen: A Tribute To The Smiths Smiths 2000
Pet Engine 4:41 Gag Me With A Spoon Smiths 1995
Quicksand 3:04 Dine Alone single? Smiths 1993
Love Spit Love 4:25 The Craft: Music from the Motion Picture Smiths