Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
Invisible Poet Kings 2:16 Mutiny In The Dream Tent Beatles 2015
Bill Frisell 5:10 All We Are Saying... [+Digital Booklet] Beatles 2011
Dwight Twilley 4:35 Out Of The Box Beatles 2009
dukespan nyc 4:58 Songs From Our Past Vol.1 Beatles 2009
The Subways 3:08 Q Lennon Covered #2 Beatles 2005
Eddie Vedder 2:09 I Am Sam Beatles 2002
Elvis Costello 2:38 Kojak Variety Beatles 1994
Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello 2:38 The McCartney/MacManus Collaboration Beatles
Elvis Costello 2:41 The Fab Four Beatles