The Coverville community grows because of listeners like you, and for that, I thank you. The site and the show are always moving forward, and a lot of the development is due to the support we get from Coverville Citizens.

Coverville Citizenship is the perfect way to get “more Coverville“! With an annual donation – which goes right back into the development and production of the show, you get the following bonuses:

– You get access to the Citizen-only Bonus Tracks feed, which gives you additional episodes of Coverville that you can’t get otherwise. Each episode presents the songs that got cut from the regular shows due to time, multiple versions of the same song, or other reasons, but are still completely worth hearing!

– You get an annual DVD, comprising the last 100 episodes in an easily-archivable format. Just pop the DVD into your computer, and drag the episodes you want onto your portable media device, burn to CD, or listen right from the disc.

– You get the annual seasonal t-shirt! And that’s the number one reason for this post. As we approach episode 700, the time left to get the current Citizen t-shirt gets smaller and smaller. Once #700 is recorded and posted, these shirts become unavailable, to make room for the 2010-2011 design.


So if you’ve been waiting to become a Coverville Citizen, there’s no better time than right now to join! Get more details and sign up on the Coverville Citizen page.