Rivers Cuomo is turning 45 this week, so let’s celebrate with some Weezer covers! (82 minutes)




Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Buddy Holly The Holophonics 1:57 Maskarades, Vol. 1 [Explicit] Weezer 9
Life Is What You Make It Weezer 3:33 Weezer (Red Album) Talk Talk
Holiday Glasseater 3:15 A Tribute to Weezer Weezer 3
Surf Wax America Relient K 3:02 Is For Karaoke EP Weezer 3
The Good Life Xylos 4:31 Engine Room Recordings presents: A Tribute to Pinkerton Weezer 3
Undone (The Sweater Song) Brother Howe 2:49 Singles Weezer 4
Pork And Beans The Bangkok Five 3:27 Under The Covers Weezer 2
Viva La Vida Weezer 4:06 Hurley Coldplay 9
Rainbow Connection (feat. Hayley Williams) Weezer 4:00 Muppets: The Green Album Muppets
Jamie Total Warr 4:48 RCRDLBL Covers Compilation Weezer
El Scorcho (feat. I Fight Dragons) Professor Shyguy 3:38 History 1-1 Weezer
Unspoken Murder By Death 2:57 AS YOU WISH: Kickstarter Covers Weezer
Why Bother? I Fight Dragons 2:55 Weezer - The 8-bit Album Weezer 2
Say It Ain’t So Wakey!Wakey! 4:13 Wakey!Wakey! Wednesdays [Family Records] Weezer 3
Kids/Poker Face Weezer 4:58 iTunes Pass: The Weezer Raditude Club Week 4 MGMT/Lady Gaga
No One Else Beans 4:30 Making Noise: A Tribute To Weezer Weezer 3
Suzanne Taggart 2:38 About A Girl Weezer 2
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Weezer 3:07 iTunes Pass: The Weezer Raditude Club Week 1 Clash 5
Worry Rock Weezer 2:22 A Different Shade of Green Green Day