Episode(s) Title Length Artwork Album Buy Original Artist Versions Year
Happy Together 2:25 Weezer (Teal Album) Turtles 15 2019
Africa 3:58 Africa - Single Toto 14 2018
You Might Think 3:07 Cars 2 Cars 8 2011
Rainbow Connection (feat. Hayley Williams) 4:00 Muppets: The Green Album Muppets 2011
Unbreak My Heart 4:10 Death to False Metal Toni Braxton 2 2010
Viva La Vida 4:06 Hurley Coldplay 9 2010
Kids/Poker Face 4:58 iTunes Pass: The Weezer Raditude Club Week 4 MGMT/Lady Gaga 2009
Should I Stay or Should I Go? 3:07 iTunes Pass: The Weezer Raditude Club Week 1 Clash 5 2009
Worry Rock 2:22 A Different Shade of Green Green Day 2008
We Wish You A Merry Christmas 1:25 Christmas With Weezer Christmas 2 2008
O Come All Ye Faithful 2:04 Christmas With Weezer Christmas 2008
The First Noel 2:22 Christmas With Weezer Christmas 4 2008
Velouria 3:54 Where Is My Mind? (A Tribute To The Pixies) Pixies
Tomorrow 2:54 Unknown Album Annie 2
Life Is What You Make It 3:33 Weezer (Red Album) Talk Talk

Covered by other artists

Title Versions
Across The Sea 2
Buddy Holly 10
Butterfly 2
Can’t Stop Partying
Dope Nose
El Scorcho 2
El Scorcho (feat. I Fight Dragons)
Falling for You
Getchoo 3
Hash Pipe 2
Holiday 3
Holiday (Weezer)
I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
In The Garage 3
Island In The Sun 3
Island in the Sun (String Quartet Tribute to Weezer)
My Name Is Jonas 3
Mykel And Carli
No One Else 4
No Other One
Only In Dreams
Perfect Situation
Pink Triangle 3
Pork and Beans 2
Say it ain’t sixty-FO
Say It Ain’t So 4
Say It Ain’t So (feat. Dani Armstrong)
Say It Ain’t So (Non-Album Track)
Surf Wax America 3
Suzanne 2
Teenage Victory Song
The Good Life 3
The World has Turned
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
Tired Of Sex 2
Undone (The Sweater Song) 5
Why Bother
You Gave Your Love to Me Softly (B-Side)