It’s a late night here, at 12:40am on the morning of April 1st, so I’m going to get shownotes for this episode later. But you will hear some amazing stuff on tonight’s show. Songs you may not have realized were covers:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist Album (with link to, if available) ?
Call Me The Original Onions Grill Skills Blondie
Honky Tonk Woman Godfrey Daniel Take a Sad Song… The Rolling Stones
Safety Dance Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra Cocktail: Shakin’ & Stirred Men Without Hats
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For Big Daddy Cutting Their Own Groove U2
Stairway To Heaven The Beatnix Stairways to Heaven Led Zeppelin
Come As You Are Iris T. and the Billy Rubin Trio Is It Is or Is It Ain’t Nirvana
Oops I Did It Again! Shek Baker, Kurt Stockdale and Chris Messick Supermasterpiece Britney Spears

36 minutes |

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