As we approach the anniversary of the crash that took the lives of The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly, let’s honor their music (again) with a podcast of covers of their songs! (46 minutes)


Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 Chantilly Lace Atlantics American Graffiti Revisited Big Bopper
Album Chantilly Lace - Collectibles
2 Come On, Let’s Go Girl In A Coma Adventures In Coverland Ritchie Valens
Album Come On, Let's Go - Adventures In Coverland
3 Oh Donna MxPx Let It Happen Ritchie Valens
Album Oh Donna - Let It Happen
4 La Bamba The Checkered Cabs Skandalous: I’ve Gotcha Covered Volume 2 Ritchie Valens
5 American Pie Crane American Pie Don McLean
6 Maybe Baby Hutch Hollylake & Silverwood Buddy Holly
Album Maybe Baby - Hollylake & Silverwood
7 Well Alright Pat Dinizio Pat Dinizio/Buddy Holly Buddy Holly
Album Well Alright - Pat Dinizio Sings Buddy Holly
8 Peggy Sue The Hollies Buddy Holly (Expanded Edition) Buddy Holly
Album Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly (Remastered)
9 Dearest The Black Keys Rave On Buddy Holly Buddy Holly
Album Dearest - Rave On Buddy Holly (Bonus Track Version)
10 Everyday Ruth EMI Film and TV: Covers Buddy Holly
Album Everyday - The Covers - EP
11 Oh Boy Bil McRackin Oldies But Goodies! Buddy Holly
Album Oldies But Goodies! - Various Artists
12 I’m Gonna Love You Too Christi Ellen Harris Platinum Girl – A Tribute To Blondie Buddy Holly
Album I'm Gonna Love You Too - Platinum Girl - a Tribute to Blondie
13 Words of Love Jessica Lea Mayfield Sweetheart Buddy Holly
Album Sweetheart - Various Artists

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