Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
The Fuxedos 9:57 UnderCover Presents: A Tribute to Green Day's Dookie Green Day 2016
The Billy Rubin Trio 2:37 Valentines Massacre Green Day 2012
Puffy 2:55 PUFFY AMIYUMI x PUFFY Green Day 2009
The Velma Fix 2:55 A Different Shade of Green Green Day 2008
Rockabye Baby! 4:26 Lullaby Renditions of Green Day Green Day 2007
Berk & The Virtual Band 3:13 Jazz Chill Green Day 2006
Makrosoft 3:00 Stereo also playable mono Green Day 2006
Janie Porche 2:28 The Laws of Average Green Day
Best of College A Cappella Humor 2:51 Wasting Our Parents Money Green Day
Mambo Kurt 2:45 Return of the Alleinunterhalter Green Day
Culture Serial Killers 3:30 Submission Green Day
Culture Serial Killers 3:30 Better Living Green Day
Alanis Morissette 4:06 Live on Jimmy Kimmel Green Day